Saturday, December 6, 2008

Glass Bottles

I plan on breastfeeding our baby, but I imagine there will be some times when it just makes more sense for someone else to feed him/her a bottle (like in the middle of the night).

I never really thought about this before, but as soon as I saw these cute mini WeeGo Glass Bottles,
I decided that I'd like to go glass with our bottles. I think that as the kid grows and learns how to hold the bottle him/herself, it wouldn't make sense anymore to use glass for the obvious reason that it may break, but while mom or dad are still in charge, why not use something a bit more hygienic? Glass bottles are chemical-free and easier to wash and sterilize. And with the rubber sleeve and the silicone nipple, it makes for a cute, colorful, and clean feeding experience.

The WeeGo Glass Bottle also comes in a 9 oz. size. Both sizes come in a variety of colors, including Ocean, Sky, Pink, Orange, Raspberry, and Yellow.

A little cheaper and only slightly less cute is the Siliskin Evenflo Glass Bottle. It comes in light pink and light blue and holds 8 oz.


  1. I am sure everybody has heard about the health risk associating with plastic bottles and I love that some companies have designed such stylish and healthy options for those of us who wanting to go green. I own chulamama: a modern maternity and baby store and we were really excited when the wee goe's came: since they have flown off the shelves and everybody loves them! I was a little concerned about the breakage: But once my two year old checked the bottle across the stores cement floor and it still looked mint: I new we had a winner. Baby's seem to have an easy time with the Nipple and Cleaning is a snap. These are great!! If anyone wants to buy them. We have them at chulamama: Use coupon code "Baby Things I Want" and get 10% off your entire order.

  2. Thanks, Noelle! Your site looks great and I hope that our readers take advantage of your great products and the discount! I may just order some bottles right now...

    Please feel free to comment again where you have expertise advice!

  3. Oh,when you enter the coupon code please don't put spaces between the words.Just enter "babythingsiwant". Thank you!



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