Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fisher-Price Open Top Take-Along Rainforest Swing: The Real Deal

I'm not sure if I could be more pleased with the Fisher-Price Rainforest Open Top Take-Along Swing. And I'm not sure Hila could be either.

It is smaller than it looked in the picture, but for apartment living, it is absolutely perfect. And while we haven't taken it along very far, we did bring it into our room one morning when we wanted to sleep in but still have Hila entertained and nearby. It's lightweight, has gender neutral colors, cute toys -- a stuffed tucan and monkey hanging from a tree branch -- and best of all, amazing music options.

Menachem and I feel strongly that toys with music should be kept to a minimum. Kids shouldn't constantly need to hear electronic, grating lullabies and parents certainly shouldn't be subjected to them either. This rainforest swing not only has the option of swinging without music, but has music offerings that are extremely pleasant. The loudest setting is not too loud and the quiet setting is actually quiet. And the lullabies it plays have a bit of a rainforest theme and don't bother me one little bit.

What more could I ask for? Hila is in it now, sucking on her soothie, napping away. What a good girl, Hila!

***Note (added 3/23): I love the swing and wouldn't trade it for any other, but to make it even better, I would add more head support. When the Snuzzler is not downstairs in our City Mini, we put that in the swing for added support.


  1. I don't have this but think it's absolutely brilliant and would love to get one when I have my next kid. It's just the base of a swing and you can snap your car seat into it!

  2. I recently came across that swing frame -- i plan on blogging out it in the near future. it is very cool. bethami, maybe to replace the swing you just threw out?



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