Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Leebruss ABC Zoom Twin Stroller

Okay. You're going to think I'm crazy (if you don't already). I have found the PERFECT double stroller. We were in Talpiot looking for a rocking chair and stumbled upon a baby store that I had never been to -- How could I have missed one?! -- and in the doorway was the absolutely gorgeous Leebruss ABC Zoom Twin stroller. My jaw seriously dropped.

The Leebruss ABC Zoom Twin is a tandem stroller from Australia with adjustable seats that can either face in the same outward position or can both face each other. That means that one kid is not limited to viewing only the back of the other kid's head.

So who's ready for kid #2?

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  1. It is indeed incredibly awesome. I bet Kinneret would laugh the whole time and say "baby baby"

  2. hey sara, its shana from next door- which shop in talpiot did u see the Leebruss, im struggling to find a good double stroller.... cool blog btw, its my first time.

  3. Hi Shana, I saw it at a really nice, small store that I saw once and never again. I just bumped into it while wandering around the furniture area. Here's sort of the area--you go down that street where Baby Michel/Supersol deal are (away from kenyon hadar) and then make a right down a small street, I think before you get to yad haruzim. there's a shilav nearby. Maybe you and I can walk around there together sometime (in nicer weather) and try to find it.

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  5. We bought the German designed twin stroller and sent it to Los Angeles area whre our daughter got twin in May 2011.

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