Sunday, May 22, 2011

Aquaphor is Aquamore!

It seems silly to be writing an entire review of Aquaphor, and yet here I am, about to sing its many praises. As mentioned in a previous post, Aquaphor can be used to treat and prevent diaper rash. But its uses don’t end there! When my daughters were infants they both developed eczema. I tried all of the latest and greatest products recommended by friends and persuasive advertising campaigns, but nothing was quite doing the trick. Our pediatrician suggested we slather our itchy, dry-skinned babies with Aquaphor after every bath. Lo and behold, our little reptiles were transformed into supple, soft-skinned babies! Ever since, I have used Aquaphor not only to moisturize, but also to heal small scratches, and as a barrier between things that might cause friction/irritation to the skin. During the driest months of winter, I have even used it on myself. So the next time you consider the crème du jour, instead pick up a jar of Aquaphor. 

Batsheva is a mom to two daughters ages four and almost two. In addition to reading her reviews on Baby Things, you can read about her mommy adventures at Late Night Feedings

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