One for Eden – Boon Frog Pod and Make-a-Face

So I’m really honored to have received an invitation to join this blog. I mean, I asked for it, but it’s still nice to be invited. Officially, I mean, via Google. (It was nice to be invited informally in person and on facebook too, but you know… Google is the real thing…)
I asked Sarah if I could contribute because we are expecting a baby in early September, and my mind is already reeling with things I want to buy. Since this is our second, I think that I learned some things around last time, and want to attempt to right some wrongs.
However, before I start with baby things, I wanted to comment on something our 4-year-old Eden received for her birthday this year – the Boon Frog Pod. I mean, since most of the rest of my posts here will be for the newborn and younger, I may as well pay all my dues upfront.
We love the Boon frog. Not only is it just a huge plastic frog that is SO much fun to unwrap, but its really functional too. Its a container for all the bath toys that you have in your tub, and it sits on the bathroom wall, and what’s best is it has a removable scooper to scoop up all the toys. It comes with a removable sticky back attachment piece, as well as a replacement with suction cups on it, for a less permanent frog. (We tried to go with the suction cups, but they just wouldn’t suck well enough. Maybe it’s the Israeli tile. Maybe I should have scrubbed the tiles first. It wasn’t worth it, and we found a good spot and stuck it there. I think its great, we have a huge frog in our tub.)

I think the thing that I like about it best is that it’s just so huge and adorable. It feels solid and made to last. It’s easily cleanable, and you just want to smile looking at it. I love funny animals. Eden does too – we bought her new PJs with turtles on it, and she they are just the best fun. So frogs are good too, and the bigger and greener, the better.

Together with the frog, we also got the Alex Toys Make a Face, which she also thinks is hysterical and keeps her busy while we wash her hair. She makes some pretty good faces, and we keep them up from day to day all over the bathroom wall! A new take on dynamic bathroom decor.

Coming soon…..back to baby….and co-sleepers.

One thought on “One for Eden – Boon Frog Pod and Make-a-Face

  • March 30, 2009 at 8:36 am

    Hila is wearing her frog stretchy right now. It’s my favorite. Isn’t it amazing how in real life an animal can scare us but printed on clothing or made up in plastic, all of a sudden we love them?

    Anyways, keep those posts coming!

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