Baby Trend Snap N’ Go: The Real Deal

I should’ve gotten this from the very beginning. The Baby Trend Single Snap N’ Go Stroller is a godsend. No more tippy carseat falling off the stroller adapter, no more lugging the Baby Jogger City Mini up our 3.5 flights of stairs, no more leaving the house without a carseat and committing myself to not getting in a cab — all of our problems have been solved!

Except of course for the low handlebar problem. I suppose ideally we’d have gotten the Graco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller Frame which has a telescoping handlebar, but since we were lucky enough to borrow the Baby Trend Snap N’ Go (thanks Adina and David!), I’m certainly not complaining…though Menachem hasn’t actually tried it yet, so complaining may come later.

2 thoughts on “Baby Trend Snap N’ Go: The Real Deal

  • April 3, 2009 at 12:51 am

    Someone gave me her old one when Sophie was a baby and it was awesome. Especially for those with cars- this was the stroller that stayed in my trunk and I used the regular one for walks. Also- the basket underneath is very big. I used it instead of a shopping cart in the grocery store!

  • May 13, 2009 at 4:51 am

    I borrowed one from a friend at work and absolutely love it too… I wish I would have been smart enough to get one the first time around!

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