Maternity Stockings

This isn’t really a baby item. This is more of a mommy item. But at least for me, it’s a really essential mommy item, and it’s because of the baby, or the baby to be, so it’s going to have to count.

I’m past the point where bending over to shave my legs makes me throw up. However it does still give me heartburn and its getting harder and harder to bend at all. So I’m not going to give up shaving, but I’m not going to stress about the spots I’ve missed. What I’ve done instead is buy myself some Motherhood maternity stockings for the days I’d rather show some leg.

But that’s not why these are essential. Really, the main bonus about these is that they help me feel pretty again. No more do I feel like I’m spilling out of my maternity jeans, can’t find something that fits and matches, and boy do my feet hurt, and I’m really having trouble pulling myself together today, aren’t I. Put on a pair of these, a pretty black dress and beads, and some heels that won’t tip me over forward so much that I’ll actually fall, and I feel like a woman who knows what she’s about again. Ah, that’s what it feels like, gee it’s nice.

And I’ve found that they are really a great product. Not only do they cost about the same as regular stockings (which was surprising, since its most certainly a smaller market), but they last, wash well, and make me feel and look good.

Other maternity stockings I found were more expensive, and more of a “support hose for your 10th pregnancy” type than a “sheer sensations” type. My legs just aren’t that color, and boy will they be hot in the summertime. These look and feel just like the stockings I bought before pregnancy, and are even more durable. And I can look in the mirror and see something I like better than a large middle-ed, earth mother.

One thought on “Maternity Stockings

  • April 16, 2009 at 6:05 pm

    I’m glad they make you feel good, but i think you’re crazy to wear stockings in pregnancy and in these warmer months. I was BOILING hot in january — and that was without stockings.

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