Other inward facing tandems…

Not that we’re looking for ourselves (yet), but it seems like the Leebruss ABC Zoom Twin Stroller is not available in the States (let me know if you know otherwise). So I’ve done a little research and discovered that there’s a small range of other truly awesome double strollers that have the option of having the two kids inward facing.

On the more expensive end are two Peg Peregos: The Peg Perego Duette Stroller (about $890) and the Peg Perego Tender Twin Stroller (about $575).

On the less expensive end of the spectrum is the Eddie Bauer Bryant Two-Way Tandem Stroller (about $180) and the Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem Plus Stroller (about $220).

Ok, so let’s check out this last one. It is by far the coolest. The Kolkraft Contours Options Tandem comes with SEVEN different seating options — with carseats, facing forward, facing mom, facing each other, facing away from each other, and more! (Note the word “options” in the name!)

Maybe it’s not as aerodynamic looking as the Leebruss, but it’s cheaper and more readily available. More about this to come…

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