Simply Good: For you and your baby

I have found a line of products that I simply love: Simply Good. They make wraps and slings, (I bought their cozy wrap at Shilav and it is so soft and cozy), diaper bags (I like this square one — but they all come with these innovative one-at-a-time wipes dispensers and little pacifier pouches), fun pillows, and more! Look at this adorable little booster cushion!

But what I really want is this Poncho for 2. There were a few times when it was a bit chillier out when I was wearing Hila and then had to tuck blankets into the cracks to keep her warm and then my coat didn’t really fit over us so then I was cold too and it just wasn’t so comfortable. This poncho really solves the problem, and maybe someone will see you and think you’re really fat or pregnant, but then they’ll see a tiny little head popping out. So cute.

I can’t seem to find where to purchase these products, but there are other wraps and slings that are similar to them, like the Moby Wrap. And there are baby carrier coversavailable too, and while they take care of keeping baby warm, you’ll still need a coat.

Where can I buy Simply Good products?

2 thoughts on “Simply Good: For you and your baby

  • April 23, 2009 at 3:32 am

    Simply Good is made in Israel and looks like it’s only sold at Shilav, but maybe go to their website and request info on where to buy the poncho (great, great idea!) if Shilav doesn’t have. Of course, now that it’s almost summer time, there’s probably less of a need. Oh well…maybe for the next one!

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