Sit’n’Stroll: The Real Deal

I am now the proud owner of a Sit’n’Stroll 5-n-1 Combination Carseat/Stroller.

Wow. This is quite an ingenious product. I had been wondering what we would do when Hila outgrows the carseat/Snap N’ Go combo (or, even sooner, when we have to give the Graco SafeSeat back to Bethami). Car-less as we are, will we have to put Hila in our Baby Jogger City Mini (yes, I decided to keep it) and shlep around a carseat with us just in case we need to take a cab? No baby of mine will ride in a car without a carseat. So what do people in our situation do?

And here comes the Sit’n’Stroll to the rescue! This is the direct answer to our problem. She’ll sit in the carseat and then when it’s time to get out we’ll pop out the wheels and extend the handle and VOILA! — we’ve got ourselves a stroller! Getting back into a cab? No problem — tuck the stroller parts in and you’ve got yourself an infant (backward facing) or older baby (forward facing) carseat! It also serves as a booster seat and an approved airline seat. It’s not heavy and comes with (at an additional cost) a handy mesh shopping and tote bag!

Great for travel and great for trips around town that involve getting in and out of cabs. A great buy (especially since we bought it used on Janglo) for the Pritzkers!

NOTE (added Feb. 5, 2011): For an infant, the Sit’n’Stroll can easily be transferred in and out of a car and transformed to a stroller and back to a carseat with the kid in it. As your kid gets older and heavier, though, you’ll need to take your kid out for the transfers/transformations–annoying, but not the end of the world, especially since your kid should be able to stand/walk on her own by this point.

2 thoughts on “Sit’n’Stroll: The Real Deal

  • July 14, 2009 at 6:14 pm

    Actually, I haven't used it yet. Hila is still in the snap n' go and we don't plan on using the sit n stroll until she grows out of her infant seat.

    it looks pretty sturdy though. i was also just expecting a piece of junk.

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