Evenflo Exersaucer: The Real Deal

I know I already have a post about exersaucers, but now I have a bit more experience and am ready to share more. Hila has now been sitting in the very basic, cheapest on the market, Evenflo Exersaucer. Evenflo makes a bunch of different exersaucers of varying complexities and prices, but I would say that all you need is this one. It has seven removeable toys. No lights, no music, no overhead arch. No ADHD-inducing frills. Nothing fancy at all.

She has been sitting there for about 45 minutes, using her legs to hoist her body around 360 degrees from toy to toy to toy, spending a few minutes at each toy before moving on.

This exersaucer has height adjustable legs (she’s at the shortest for now), so I imagine it will last a few months. It is a bit clunky and takes up room and it’s “compact fold” is anything but.

But Hila just sat for 45 minutes playing quietly by herself! (Just took her out.)

And like all Evenflo Exersaucers, the toys are removeable and exchangeable, so when she needs a change of scenery, that option is available.

(NOTE: The one we have is actually an older model (borrowed from Bethami — thanks!) which is actually sort of a mixture of the Wild Thing Deluxe Exersaucer and the Mega Circus Exersaucer — also relatively inexpensive ($50) with no frills.)

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