The Only Nursing Bra/Tank You Will Ever Need

(Yes, I’m still nursing.)

Buy a bunch of these Motherhood Maternity Sleeveless Lift Up Double Opening Nursing Tanks and you will be set for your whole nursing career.

Here’s why I’m in love with these tanks:
First and foremost, the Motherhood Lift Up Tanks are comfortable. They’re made from a stretchy fabric but won’t ride up on you, are a nice length (not too long not too short), and have nice, wide, comfortable straps.

Second, the neckline is just low enough that you can wear a shirt over it and you won’t see the tank, and just high enough that if you decide to go shirtless, you’re not revealing too much skin.

Third, I do not like bras. More, I do not like nursing bras. I don’t like the clips and I’m not so savvy that I can do it quickly and modestly (if I’m out and about). When I do finally clip it open, the nursing pad tends to fall out. These openings, however, open from bottom to top. They lift up to reveal breasts through two individual cut-outs. Push up, push down — quick, easy, and painless.

Fourth, since it’s a tank top, your stomach stays covered through a feeding and doesn’t flop out when you lift your shirt to start tugging at a bra strap. These are great for public feedings.

And last, the bra part of the tank top is padded. Adds a little more oomph to still-not-quite-as-large-as-you’d-like-them breasts and makes for extra leak protection if you happen to forget your nursing pads.

1) The padded part tends to get folded up during a wash. After this tank comes out from the laundry, you need to spend a good few minutes trying to get the padded part to lay flat.
2) These are not so big. I’m generally a medium, so got the small/medium and it was a little tight (true, I just had a baby and still have 30lbs to lose, but still). I bought another one which is a large/x-large and it fits great. Because of the stretchy fabric, it’ll probably be a close fit no matter what size you get.

I seriously only wear a bra when my tanks are in the wash. I plan on wearing these long after I stop nursing too. Trust me on this one: I probably would not still be nursing if not for these Motherhood Lift Up Tanks.

One thought on “The Only Nursing Bra/Tank You Will Ever Need

  • October 31, 2009 at 10:45 pm

    I just got one of these today and I completely agree with this post…except I won't be wearing them after I'm done nursing… 🙂

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