What About B.O.B.?

Before my second child was born, the only actual piece of baby gear we needed to purchase was a double stroller. This was a huge decision. I decided to go straight for a double jogger since we would only be using a double stroller for serious walking (both for power walks around the neighborhood and on shabbat). I ended up buying the B.O.B. Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller Duallie.

Before buying it, I also researched the InSTEP Safari Double and the Baby Jogger City Classic Double strollers. All of these are side-by-sides (as opposed to front/back or one seat on top of the other). Here’s why I chose the B.O.B. over the others:
– more storage room (basket underneath, plus huge pockets behind each seat, plus includes a large parent console)
– most head space/growing room for my already very tall for her age 2 year old
– shock absorbers (the InSTEP does not have them, the Baby Jogger might)
– car seat adapter (must purchase separately) for the first few months. The other side of the car seat adapter is a tray for the older child, without which would mean no snack in the stroller.

Another difference is that the InSTEP only has one canopy that the two kids have to share. The B.O.B. (and Baby Jogger) have separate canopies.

I also love that it folds easily, pushes like a dream, sails right over bumps and cracks, and has a high enough handle bar to accommodate my very tall husband. Plus, it LOOKS COOL. If you have to be pushing a double stroller, this one is as cool as you can get. (I think as uncool as you can get would be an old, beat up front/back one in a plaid pattern.)

Here are its only drawbacks (as I have experienced in the past 6 weeks):
– It is huge. It will never travel with us, and we have an SUV.
– Sometimes the sidewalk is too narrow and I have to tell the kids “keep your hands and feet inside the stroller at all times!”
– It is pricey. It cost more than we recently sold an old used car for. (It retails for $589 for just the stroller. The car seat adapter retails for $89. There are several other accessories you can opt for as well.)
– It only has 1 front wheel, which I love for maneuverability, but some people may prefer the extra stability of 2 front wheels on the Baby Jogger.

Overall, I love love love the B.O.B.

Batsheva is a mom to two daughters ages four and almost two. In addition to reading her reviews on Baby Things, you can read about her mommy adventures at Late Night Feedings.

One thought on “What About B.O.B.?

  • May 8, 2009 at 3:09 pm

    That’s so dumb that the InStep would only have one canopy. What if one kid is sleeping and the other kid wants to work on her tan??

    The problem with all these side by side strollers is that I don’t think they’d fit on a J’lem sidewalk.

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