Breathable Crib Bumper

I think we made a mistake by buying only a half bumper for Hila’s crib. She’s already gotten her legs stuck between the slats on the unbumpered half of the crib a few times and that has made her very unhappy. We bought it because it was cheaper than the full and because we weren’t sure which side of the are-bumpers-safe debate we were on so figured we’d compromise by getting half.

I’ve changed my mind now and want a whole one, but love her pretty pink and brown ladybug-themed bumper and still don’t want to spend more money than we need to by either buying the ladybug full bumper or buying the other half of it. (These things are not so cheap in Israel.)

And so, I am going to buy the Breathable Baby Universal Crib Bumper in either white, ecru, or brown. This way, I can put that bumper around the whole crib to prevent Hila’s precious little hands and feet from getting stuck, but can then still use the half bumper over half of the breathable bumper for added cushion and cuteness.

Also, no one can argue that this new satin-lined, mesh bumper will have any health risks associated with it, what with its promoting of air-flow and breathability. So if we find that Hila all of a sudden starts pressing her nose and mouth up against her ladybugs, we’ll be able to remove it and still have protection.

I like my plan.

4 thoughts on “Breathable Crib Bumper

  • July 12, 2009 at 6:51 pm

    I got mine in the States. Never seen them here. I think regular bumpers should be banned – or at least have a big warning on the package that they are a leading cause of crib death.

    I know it's not pleasant see your little one's arms and legs get caught in the crib slats, but I'd still think you'd rather do what's safe for her…

  • August 13, 2010 at 1:01 pm

    I got mine in the states too — i've gotten rid of all the soft bumpers we received as gifts. Even though they are cute, they are pretty dangerous. I wouldn't put one over the breathable bumper.

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