Baby Things I Don’t Want – a Changing Table?

A little while ago I blogged about a great collapsible changing table/bath combo. Turns out we replaced the laundry closet in that room (our laundry room is attached to our bathroom), and now the room is too small for it. :(. So now I’m at a loss as to what to do – buy a regular baby bath and just put it in our regular size tub, like Sarah does? What if I have another C and can’t bend over? Put the baby tub on a collapsible stand the way we did with Eden – and change the baby on the couch? Still buy this and put it in the baby’s room instead of the bathroom? Not a great idea for splashing…Still buy another changing table after buying a whole closet – NO.

I’m thinking of bathing the baby in the sink actually. Our kitchen sink is huge, but it means keeping it spotless (and empty of dirty dishes….) Our bathroom sink could probably hold a little baby, but I’m not sure about bigger babies. There are some good baby seats out there though, like this one that claims to fit in a sink, and ALSO folds up nicely :).

So then there is the changing table issue. Apparently, it’s not really a must have. I really may just do without it. A good idea I’ve seen is just to keep the stuff together in a basket that you can move from spot to spot. Change the baby on the floor, on the couch, a bed, etc. If it turns out that we really would like one – for my back, or knees, or just to have a place to get her dressed – we can always decide to take the desk out of Eden’s room and use that, like we did with her. It worked then, it can work again. And then we can buy Eden a new piece of furniture that is more practical, like a bookcase. Or something else. Like an ice cream cone. Do you think she’s too old (4) to fall for that?

OR – just saw this (see pic on right)

Hows that for cool?

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  • July 1, 2009 at 2:11 pm

    We had/have the same issue. Have built-in closets in Lior's room, so didn't need a whole extra dresser w/changing area on top. We've actually been changing him in the bathroom for the past 8 months – we have a lot of counter space, and bought a contoured changing pad in the US a few months ago, so we can strap him in and he can't roll off. What's good is that it keeps his room nice-smelling, and all the stinkiness in the bathroom. What's not so good is that it takes up more space in the bathroom, and covers up one of the sinks. I've still been thinking about getting a smaller changing table or having one made, but when do you stop using one? I assume before they're out of diapers, and they're just too big to hoist up all the time?

  • July 1, 2009 at 5:51 pm

    At some point (maybe around a year?) Eden was too big for the changing table, and she was always moving off, and it was just a better idea to change her on the floor. Also often, if it was just wet, I'd change her when she was standing up. Even playing. Eating. Whatever :).
    I do remember using it for a while even when I didn't need to, as it was just a convenient place to hold her while I got her dressed, if I didn't want to sit on the floor. In fact, I remember getting Eden dressed on the changing table more often than I remember changing her diaper there!

  • July 1, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    i thought that we could do without buying a tub and could just bathe the baby in the sink, but it didn't end up working. First of all, it's true that the sink needs to be spotless, and even with our stainless steel sinks, i always still thought it was gross b/c maybe there's be lingering old food that i didn't see. With a bath seat, it's maybe doable, but without, you'll have to hold her the whole time and it will be really uncomfortable. and don't forget and slippery these little babies get. you want her to be able to lay back and be comfy, and eventually kick her legs and have fun. I recommend just getting a bath and leaving it in or near your real bath. if you can't bend down, make ben do it! that being said, menachem refuses to bathe hila on his knees bent over the tub and the twice that he did bathe her, it required him setting the whole thing up on the dining room table, which is annoying, since you have to carry a lot of water. maybe a stand is the best idea.

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