More on the Stroller Debate part I

When I was looking for a stroller, I made the foolish assumption that one stroller could do it all. I thought that I’d get a stroller that you could hook the car seat onto, could be front or rear facing, and wasn’t terribly heavy. I bought the Peg Perego Venezia. The Venezia is no longer sold (in fact, I had to buy mine second-hand). The replacement model is the Peg Perego Uno Convertible Carriage to Stroller System in Moka(I think they mean mocha).

The Uno is a full carriage. It reclines all the way. Add the boot, and you can use it as a bassinet. They’ve fixed one of the more annoying features of the Venezia – you can now reach the basket easily when it’s fully reclined. They also added a cup holder (not very exciting, but better than nothing). The handlebar is adjustable, and reviewers claim it’s comfortable for a range of heights – my husband and I are 5’8″ and 6ft, so we don’t need a huge range. It folds down nice and easily. You can snap the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio car seat into it. The downside – it’s 19 lbs. That’s not bad if you’re mostly just taking your kid for walks. If you’ve got to get it in and out of the car a half dozen times a day or if you want to get it on a bus, it’s really quite heavy. The other downside is that the Prima Viaggio can’t be used without a base, so if you don’t own a car and you want a car seat for taxis, you’re out of luck.

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