Bumbo Baby Sitter: The Real Deal!

Hila has finally outgrown her Bumbo Baby Sitter and Bumbo Tray, but we had a good long ride for our money and highly recommend this product.

The Bumbo is meant for babies who don’t know how to sit up on their own yet, but last (for us) til about 8 months, far after your baby has learned to sit. At first it gives your baby an opportunity to see the world from a new sitting down straight ahead angle, a little earlier than he or she would be able to do otherwise. After your baby can sit, it provides a good place for your baby to rest and stay in one pot–that tray is great for trapping in an active, insane baby (no names mentioned)….

The tray is good for placing toys on, for using as an early highchair, or for giving snacks when your real highchair’s tray is in the sink and you don’t feel like washing it.

Most importantly, your baby will look adorable in the Bumbo seat, like a big girl or boy who just wants to lounge around and watch the world go by.

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