Silver Cross Fizz: The Real Deal

Greetings Readers! Sorry for the delay in posting, but I have been very busy in the land of America, reveling in pretty baby things and yummy and cheap (grown up, not baby) cereal. (Oooh, I hear an ice cream truck outside!)

I have lots to review, but today will talk about the new love of my life, the Silver Cross Fizz.

As my baby has gotten older, my stroller priorities have changed. The Silver Cross Fizz is now the perfect fit. Not perfect, but the perfect fit. Read on for pros and cons:


  • The Silver Cross Fizz is super light weight. It’s not as light as a flimsy cheapo umbrella stroller, but it is about 10 lbs, which is significantly lighter than our 17 lb City Mini. For me, with our 3.5 flight walk up apartment and no car, light weight is essential.
  • There’s a carry strap. This was actually the reason why I bought the SCF. Of course, I’m not back in Israel yet, and am currently visiting in Miami where we live at ground level and have a car, but I imagine that having a carry strap will make apartment life easier.
  • It bumps up and down stairs nicely.
  • It has an okay basket, which, for an umbrella stroller is pretty good.
  • It has high handlebars which is really important to Menachem. But more important than that, it has room for a long stride, which means that Menachem can push from standing behind the stroller and not kick the stroller with every step.
  • It has a cup holder that folds close to the frame for when the stroller is folded. I have a feeling that our City Mini Parent Console will also fit.
  • It’s really easy to open up and collapse. You need one hand and one foot.
  • It has a removable seat cover, which means you can take it out for an even lighter ride and to clean it. The seat below the seat pad is a nice heavy mesh.
  • It comes with a raincover.


  • The sunroof (if you can even call it that) is totally ineffectual. I need to buy one of those added sun shades.
  • It tips backwards if there’s even one bag on the handlebars and we take Hila out for a walking break. With Hila in, it’s pretty sturdy.
  • It doesn’t recline all the way. It reclines slightly, though, and that’s good.
  • There’s no tray.

So that’s my review of the Silver Cross Fizz. For the price ($70 on and weight, I think it’s awesome. Not good for a newborn, but great for an older baby. I give the Silver Cross Fizz two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

4 thoughts on “Silver Cross Fizz: The Real Deal

  • March 9, 2010 at 8:08 pm

    The Volo is more expensive than the Silver Cross and it doesn't recline at all. The SC has what's called (I think) a snooze recline. Enough for a little nap.

  • April 2, 2011 at 7:25 pm

    Sara, are you still happy with this stroller? I did a search for this stroller and Israel, and your post came up :). I am looking into a second stroller for the baby, and I believe the current debate is between this one and the Britax… Your comments would be useful

  • April 2, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    Hey Aviva! Yes, very happy with this stroller. I'm not at all familiar with the Britax, but I'll tell you what I like about this.
    a) it's really light. Like carrying up and down stairs and getting on and off buses, while still a shlep and annoying, is way easier than with the City Mini. That's due to the weight and to…
    b) the carry strap. Not sure why all strollers don't include this.
    c) washable seat pad.
    d) included cup holder
    e) it reclines — it's only a slight recline, but that's better than most others in this price/weight/quality class.

    the dislikes:
    a) the basket is lame.
    b) the canopy is sorta lame too.
    c) if you have bags hanging on it and your kid gets up, the stroller will tip over. but, that's b/c it's so light, so that's worth it.

    good luck!

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