Can’t Imagine Life without a Snack Catcher

Here is one of those things that if you never have, you’ll never need, but once you have, you’ll always need. It’s the Made for Mom Snack Trap, and it’s simple, yet ingenious. It’s a small, snack-sized, 2-handled bowl with a flexible plastic top that has a sorta crisscross opening, allowing baby to stick her hand in and remove a few Cheerios through the slits, without taking out handfuls or dumping the whole thing out.

You can pay $10 for 3, which is pretty reasonable I think, but then they get you with the “accessory,” which is the lid (with no slits) that you have to buy separately. It’s not essential, but if you put the uncapped Snack Catcher in your diaper bag, some Cheerios will inevitably spill out, especially as the slits get stretched out over time (which they do). Anyways, here on Amazon it’s only $2.99 for a pack of three. When I bought them at BuyBuyBaby about six months ago, I think the lids were $2.99 each.

Still, a great buy. I recommend pairing a Snack Catcher with a SippiGrip and attaching it to your stroller so when baby is done and throw it, it won’t go too far.

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