The Search for the Perfect Cup

When I had a baby, I was obsessed with finding the right bottle. Now that I have a toddler, I must find the perfect toddler cup.

As of now, we’re still using the BornFree Trainer Cups. Hila is extremely attached to them, and while I’d love for her to graduate away from these very bottle-like cups, I can’t bear to take them away from her.

I’m hoping that if I can find other sippy cup that she likes, she’ll slowly create new, less intense attachments to other cups, making BornFree weaning and the transition to a real cup easier.

We have random ones around the house. A Life brand cup from SuperPharm, some Munchkin straw cups, and a few Minnie Mouse Take and Toss sippy cups — but she doesn’t really seem to care for any of these. Especially not for drinking milk out of. (She’ll happily drink water or juice out of anything.)

Next I will try the Boon Fluid – No Spill Toddler Cup.

Maybe it’s time to just stop wasting money on fancy cups and teach her to drink from a cup. Perhaps an attractive mug, like the Thinkbaby Kid Mug would be a nice next step. I know whenever I’m drinking from a mug, she wants one.

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