Stroll’r Swivel’rs

Sometimes it’s the little things that you just can’t live without. (Like your kids, for example.)

My stroller has limited basket space and no storage in the handlebar, either. Enter Kel-Gar’s Stroll’r Swivel’rs. These ingenious little hooks hold your purse, shopping bags, child’s lunchbox, etc when you have nowhere else to put them. I’ve read reviews about them breaking easily, but used the same set for years with no problem. Just make sure you put both handles of your bag over both hooks, to distribute the weight evenly. And obviously don’t hang anything ridiculously heavy. At $7.92 a pair, even if you have to replace them every once in awhile, it won’t break the bank. I keep a second pair in the house just in case.

Note to husbands: Do not use these hooks to hold your dog’s leash when you go for a walk. And if you do, for goodness’ sake don’t tell your wife that’s how they broke. She will just give you THE LOOK and walk away, disgusted.

5 thoughts on “Stroll’r Swivel’rs

  • June 23, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    I've never seen them in Israel, but I've never looked.
    Mine lasted until (as I'm sure you guessed) Gil put the leash on one. That one broke and the other one just couldn't handle the weight on its own. So I finally opened the back-up package that's been sitting around for over three years. One less thing to move to the new house…

  • June 23, 2010 at 8:27 pm

    And also: Oops. Can't believe I forgot you had posted something so similar. But I guess that's OK. You should probably go back and amend that post to say that it broke quickly (and is not as strong as you thought).

    Maybe one of these days I'll go through my comments on your old posts and write posts about the things I recommended. (Is there a way to search posts by commenter??)

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