Back to School Lunch Kits, part 1

My name is Melissa Ser, and I’m a mom to two lovely boys who are about to turn 4 and 1. Since I work full time, I try to make every minute with my boys count! I breastfeed, co-sleep, and babywear. I’ve just begun a side business,, selling baby carriers that are both comfortable and fashionable, and offering consultations.

Back to school means back to packing snacks and lunches for myself and my boys. And so began the quest for the perfect lunch containers. By perfect I mean BPA-free, lead-free, pthalatate-free, AND cute. I spent HOURS searching for the perfect set.

First I found this amazing all-in-one kit from Citizenpip – Soup to Nuts Kits, including cloth napkins, containers, stainless steel water bottles and hot soup containers, and adorable lunch bags too. Oh, I wanted one. I just couldn’t decide between the patterns – Sports for the boys, polka dots, or maybe just the plain ones that say things like “Yum” or “Tasty”!

Then there’s the whole Bento Box rage – smaller portions, adorable containers, and cute food will encourage your kid to eat, right? My little guy had his heart set on this one, aliens and all.. Also customizable with extra containers (with lids), are the Bento Buddies.

And then there’s Kids Conserve, with their adorable environmentally friendly kits. Add in the insulated soup container, and don’t forget the reusable plastic bags too….Oh, the decisions!!!

Ok, so I could get the Bento Box, or the Soup to Nuts Kit, or the save the environment kit, but what about just putting my own containers in a cute bag?

Interested in cute lunch bags and more meal containers? Stay tuned for Back to School Lunch Kits, part 2…coming right up!

It’s your beginning. Make it fashionable. Make it comfortable. Make it yours.

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