Back to School Lunch Kits, part 2

Hey, it’s Melissa again. Thanks for tuning back in. A few days ago I started talking about convenient, eco-friendly school lunch kits. Some of these kits include containers and lunch bags or boxes; others just contain the containers…and so…

So began the cute bag search (which was followed by a several days long perfect containers search). These Crocodile Creek bags are really cute, but I just couldn’t pick a pattern. I did choose a lovely paisley print for myself and a blue camouflage print for my son, both made by Fit&Fresh.

In terms of containers, in the end, I decided on safe and budget-friendly, colorful, and free of all yucky chemicals for sending hot soup, pasta, or leftover stews. Adorable, comes with a spoon in the lid and has a little spot below for putting two crackers or a napkin. Now I just have to get up early enough to heat up the lunch before putting it in the container.

Adorable Fit and Fresh – Lunch On the Go containersone large one plus two smaller containers, an ice pack, and microwave safe too. $7 each from Amazon, but I picked them up locally at Sheshet for 20.50 NIS each on sale, regularly 40 NIS per kit.

Picked up these lovely Fit and Fresh Smart Portions Chill containers (quality is similar to the take-and-toss ones, FYI) as well, in 1, 2, and 3-cup sizes. They do come with ice packs, though.

And for the little guy? Sassy Dippin’ Diner plates – four plates, two lids. Perfect for packing lunch for the babysitter. We still pack his homemade baby food in Avent VIA cups, as they are perfect portions (they each hold 6 oz). They are also good for packing trail mix and tossing it into your backpack or purse, and they are the perfect size for a cut up peach (no more mushy fruit at the bottom of the very expensive backpack for gan.

There is just so much out there (and there is still more added each day in the back-to-school rush). You can take your choice of organic, safe plastic, stainless steel, and more. The choice is as big as your budget.

It’s your beginning. Make it fashionable. Make it comfortable. Make it yours.

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