Munchkin Big Kid Cupsicle: The Real Deal

I had a very hard time finding a picture of the Munchkin Big Kid Cupsicle that really showed off what I like about it (and that didn’t have Sponge Bob or Dora on it). Basically, the rim of the cup goes up on one side and then the kid (the BIG kid) drinks from that raised lip/spout. The rim is pretty narrow, so it feels like you’re drinking from the rim of a regular cup. Plus it is insulated and spill-proof (for real).

Ours is solid green with a nice orange wavy stripe at the top and bottom.

And most importantly, Hila LOVES it. “Cup a juice! Cup a juice!”

One thought on “Munchkin Big Kid Cupsicle: The Real Deal

  • September 30, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    And it's teaching her how to drink from a cup! She drank from a plastic cup full of grape juice today without spilling a drop

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