Tickle Me Elmo: Cute or Creepy?

The concept behind the T.M.X. Fisher Price Tickle Me Elmo is great — a cute walking, talking, laughing, furry Elmo.

But in reality, Tickle Me Elmo is creepy.

Here are a few reasons why we’re all a little less-than-excited and little scared of our new Elmo.

First of all, he’s not cuddly at all. He’s like a big, fur covered robot Elmo’s skin/fur is like a millimeter thin, covering a hard, mechanical body.

Second, in order to trigger Elmo’s creepy laughter, you don’t get to just tickle me affectionately, but you have to push a button on his belly or on his foot with some force. Not easy for a 1.5 year old.

Third, as mentioned above, Elmo’s laugh and movements are creepy. He falls on his side, back, and stomach and laughs a loud, cackly laugh.

In short, my obsessed-with-Elmo 20 month-year-old is either nonplussed or scared of Tickle Me Elmo (depending on her mood), which is disappointing.

We should’ve gotten 20″ stuffed Elmo doll instead.

P.S. We bought ours used on Janglo, and I’m so grateful. If we hadn’t found one here, I may have been tempted to buy Tickle Me Elmo at full price — some are over $100!

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