Motherhood (and fatherhood) festival in Jerusalem!

Malcha Mall in Jerusalem is hosting a festival all about being pregnant, childbirth, and parenthood. The two day festival (January 10-11, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. both days) will have stands from major baby product companies all around Israel, as well as local artists selling products for babies, children, and parents. Free giveaways, lots of advice (this time from professionals, not like the advice you usually get when walking around the mall), and plenty to choose from.

So who’s going to be there, you ask? Ok, shameless plug time.

Hatchalah Kalah Baby Carriers. Israel’s home for Wrapsody Baby wraps and BabyHawk Mei-Tais. Gorgeous patterns hand-picked by, ahem, yours truly. I’ll help you choose the carrier that’s right for you and ergonomic for you and baby, and even make sure you know how to use it properly before I let you buy it. Hopefully the new shipment of BabyHawks will arrive in time for the Festival… 

I started importing them because I love them. I hope you will too. Pictured: BabyHawk (left); Wrapsody Baby Bali Breeze and Bali Stretch (right). 

PictureMy Nooly. Yael’s handmade wall hangings, blankets, hair clips, dolls, clothing, child-size aprons and doll slings, toys and more are just to die for. I mean, wouldn’t you want this adorable crayon roll for your preschooler or this GORGEOUS lined pea coat for your little girl? Go check out Yael’s site — and then come see us for more. 

So what are you waiting for? Come find out what baby things you didn’t even know you wanted. And then let us know what you found… 

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