Baby Cups I Want: Sip N’ Munch

Whenever I leave the house with Hila, before I check for diapers and wipes I make sure I have a snack and a drink (which is why I often forget diapers and wipes). I usually grab a Take and Toss sippy cup (does anyone ever actually toss these?) filled with water, milk, or juice, and a snack catcher filled with Cheerios.

It’s not like grabbing one thing is so much easier than grabbing two, but the Mud Pie Sip N’ Munch is a convenient way to keep your food and drink together…plus it’s cute. The cup has a straw that slides open and shut, and then the base of the cup screws off and can be used as a snack cup. The girl cups have pink and green polka dots and the boy cups have blue and green stripes, and you can personalize your cup by choosing the cup with your kid’s initial on it.

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