Philips AVENT Formula BPA-Free Dispenser/Snack Cup

We haven’t used this in over a year when Hila stopped using formula, but it was out of the counter for some reason today so I thought of it.

Philips Avent Formula Dispenser/Snack Cup

I was once out with a friend who was carrying a huge container of formula in her diaper bag, complaining how annoying it is to use formula because you always have to shlep the container. This was strange because my friend is a rather intelligent person. I couldn’t help but laugh at her baby-things ignorance.

She had never thought to use a formula dispenser!

I showed her our Avent Formula Dispenser and she said, “Oh those — that’s just some gimicky mommy product!”

“Call it what you want,” I responded, “but you’re the one carrying around a huge container of formula and I’m the one with a small, handy, 3-serving dispenser, ready to pour directly into the bottle.”

Needless to say, she gave in and bought the $5 mommy marketing trap and improved her life forever.

The reason why I like this one is because the formula dispenser section pulls out and this turns into a snack container. We never actually used it as such because we have a million snack containers, but it’s still a nice feature.

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