Disposable Baby Bottles

(I wrote this last week and forgot to post it, which is why there’s no mention of our new baby…who will be introduced in the next post.)

I’m not going to lie — we are not the “greenest” family. Now, disposable-goods-using as we may be, there is no way I would ever use disposable bottles on a regular basis. Not only would I feel guilty about the wastefulness and laziness, I would also go broke. However, they are an excellent option for long plane rides. I remember when Hila was using bottles and we were traveling the annoyance of packing bottles, a bottle brush, and dish soap and then having to balance in a turbulent plane bathroom to wash them out so they didn’t get smelly. It was not fun.

So will I buy these disposable bottles for our next baby? Yes. Will I be strong enough to reserve them for travel only? I hope so. 

The first option here isn’t even too expensive. It’s the Vital Baby Disposable Sterile Feeding Bottle. For a pack of 4, Amazon charges $5.99. 

Next up is the Steribottle Ready to Use Baby Bottle, which comes in packages of 5 (for $4.79) and 10 (for $8.79). Hey — that’s not so expensive either!

Now’s where it starts to get pricey. Not only can you buy disposable bottles, but you can buy disposable bottles that are already filled with water. While this may sound convenient to you, even I think it’s ridiculous. I mean, how hard is it to fill a bottle with water (this is for water-drinking babies and for formula-fed babies)? If you’re going on a long trip, just fill the bottles with water in advance. And if you’re on a light…I’m pretty sure they’s give you some water. If you ask really, really nicely. Anyways, your option for these are the Nourish Formula-Ready Bottles Water for Babies (pack of 12 for $41.25) and the Nourish Toddler Spill-Proof Water Bottle (also a pack of 12 for $41.25).

P.S. These are all BPA-free. (You may want to double check with Vital bottle.) And yes, after reading Leonard Sax’s book, Girls on the Edge: The Four Factors Driving the New Crisis for Girls, I AM concerned about BPA.

2 thoughts on “Disposable Baby Bottles

  • May 18, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    For short trips (1-2 days), I have 8 non-disposable bottles. We prepack them with water before the trip (so it's boiled). For longer trips and for passover, we use bottles with disposable liners. True, you still have to sterilize the nipple, but they're a lot cheaper and a lot smaller to pack. I consider a nipple sterilized if I pour boiling water on it and I only sterilize to 6 months.

  • May 18, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    we have never sterilized anything. though, i feel like for bottles that meira is using that hila once used…they could probably use a good deep clean/steriling. bottles with liners are a great idea for trips. blog about it!

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