Baby Things I Love…Round Two

It was so much fun taking out all my baby stuff and introducing them to our new baby. Here are a few essential baby things that deserve a second shout out:

1. Fisher Price Open Top Take-Along Rainforest Swing — This is really a great product. It’s compact so doesn’t take up loads of space, and plays really pleasant music (and I would know — every time my 2-year-old passes it she turns it on).

2. Munchkin Diaper Change Organizer — This we’ve used every day since Hila was born. For a disorganized, messy person, this diaper organizer really helps keep things neat and orderly.

3. Soothie Pacifiers — Once again I have a child who rejects all pacifiers. Fortunately, this time we didn’t have to wait until month 3 to discover the soothing effects of the Soothie pacifiers. She still needs some practice, but the Soothie is definitely her favorite non-boob pacifier.

4. Baby Wearable Blankets — We don’t have the Grobag in particular, but have a few others that keep baby cozy at night without the risk of loose blankets floating around the crib.

5. Kiddopotamus Snuzzler — We use this for added support and comfort in our Rainforest Swing, but in the past we used it in carseats and in our Baby Jogger City Mini. Great product.

Stay tuned for next post…Nursing Things You Need.

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