Nursing Things We Love

(For an update on the ups and downs of my breastfeeding adventure, please see my other blog.)

If you’ve ever attempted breastfeeding before, then you know that the days of free nursing are long gone. Rarely does a modern mama get by with nursing her baby with nothing more than baby and breast. Instead, there is an entire industry of breastfeeding STUFF that are aimed at making the feeding experience easier, more convenient, and more colorful. Here are a few of our favorite accessories:

1. Nursing covers — If you plan on nursing in public, or even at your own house with guests around, then you will be much more comfortable doing so with a specially designed nursing cover. You may think that a blanket is adequate, but a plain blanket makes it difficult to see your baby while you nurse (which is particularly important for new nursers who still need to help baby latch on) and can be rather hot for baby and for you. The best nursing covers are the ones that include a wire rim at the top so that you can look straight down at your baby. We recommend the Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover (see picture). It comes in beautiful print, is a nice sturdy yet soft fabric, and has that molded top for excellent baby viewing.

2. Nursing pillow — I don’t really use my nursing pillow much, but lots of mothers say they can’t nurse without it. Pictured is the My Brest Friend nursing pillow. Yeah, that’s a dumb name.

3. Breast Pump — If you read my nursing update, you’ll learn that my breastfeeding experience wouldn’t be complete without a trusty breast pump. While hospital grade pumps are best, I’m told that the Medela Pump in Style breast pump is your best non-industrial strength pump. (Lucky for me, that’s the one that I have borrowed from Bethami.)

4. Nursing Tank Tops — In my experience, the best nursing bra is actually a nursing tank. Last time, I really loved the Motherhood Maternity Sleeveless Lift Up Double Opening Nursing Tanks, and while I do still use these, I’m much more partial to plain cotton nursing tanks (again, thank you Bethami). You can see my review on the Sleeveless Lift Up Tanks here. P.S. I’ve chosen comfort and convenience over bigger boobs and have removed the additional padding — it was just too annoying to unfold the pads after a washing.

For more on breast shields, breast shells, breast cups, and breast pads, please see Netanya’s post, “Best for Your Breasts.”

2 thoughts on “Nursing Things We Love

  • June 16, 2011 at 7:36 pm

    great post as always!! hope you and baby are doing well, kol hakavod for getting back to blogging so quickly. i'd agree with all of your essentials, but for me breast pads had to be my number one nursing cost for the last year. I only stopped using them about a month and a half ago. The lactation consultant in the first few weeks wasn't cheap either, but worth every shekel.

  • June 16, 2011 at 7:37 pm

    The Ameda Purely Yours/Lactaline is also an amazing pump (at half the price of the Medela), and it's a "closed system" pump, which means that milk can't every get into the motor. I love/d mine.

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