Jeep Liberty Urban Terrain Stroller

Jeep Liberty — A Nice Fold!

A friend recently asked me what I thought about the Jeep Liberty Urban Terrain stroller  and today I had the pleasure of bumping into it, trying it out a bit, and developing an extremely positive opinion on it. Now, I hate to sound like a snob, but I would have never thought to consider this stroller. Jeep is not a particularly well regarded brand, and while I don’t travel so much in the Bugaboo/Orbit/Stokke circles, I do tend to think more about the strollers in the $200+ category than those below it.(It’s peer pressure — what can I say? You begin to think that if the price tag is too low then it must not be any good.)

Jeep Liberty Urban Terrain

But the Jeep Liberty stroller really does seem like an excellent all-in-one option, even if your goal isn’t to save money. It comes with a kid tray complete with 2 cup holders, a snack tray, and even a little steering wheel toy; it has an adult console with cup holders and other holding spots. There is a GIGANTIC basket with easy front and back access. The handle bar is at a comfortable height, even for a tall parent. And, even more important than the handle height (for a tall parent), there is a ton of room for you to take super wide strides. I took exaggerated strides as I tested it out around the store and didn’t kick the basket once.

The sun shade is not perfect — it’s certainly not up to par with the Baby Jogger City Mini, but it’s decent. The recline is also not ideal. It goes down more than 45 degrees, but not quite 90. I’d say it reclines to about 65 degrees. It does sit up pretty straight though, which is more than I can say for the City Mini, which never seems to get as straight-backed as my kid would like.

The wheels are nice and big, it pushes great, and folds up nicely. It’s heavy, but not unreasonable. It is also carseat compatible.

For $150, I think this stroller is really impressive. You may think, “Eh — it’s $150 and the City Mini is only $220.” But once you add the child tray, the parent console, the carseat adapter, and the rain cover, the City Mini ends up costing a lot more than its starting price of $220. And as my tall husband will tell you, the City Mini isn’t great if you’ve got a tall stride. The sun shade is perfect and the recline is great, so if those are important to you, than the City Mini is for you. (It’s not clear whether the Jeep comes with a rain cover, but if you have to buy it separately, I’m sure it costs less than Baby Jogger’s.)

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