Sophie the Giraffe: What’s the Big Deal?

I couldn’t resist. I needed to see what all the hype was about. I’d seen Sophie the Giraffe at other people’s houses, and didn’t get what the big deal was. But, I thought, maybe you had to OWN a Sophie to truly understand.

Sophie the Giraffe

Okay, so now I own one. And I still don’t get it. I mean, it’s a cute rubber toy, but it’s really nothing special. In fact, it doesn’t seem much more impressive than any cheap dog chew toy…and Sophie isn’t cheap. I finally snagged my Sophie the Giraffe because I saw it on sale on Amazon for $17. $17 for a chew toy! (Usually it’s at least $22.)

Some very lucky Frenchman hit the jackpot when his silly little teether became trendy.

Now, here’s the embarrassing part: After making it very clear that I am not impressed with Sophie, I do have to admit that owning Sophie makes me feel like part of some posh club. Here’s a guess: I bet that among the people who own Sophie the Giraffes, there are more Bugaboo owners than there are Graco owners. Or, put another way, I’ll bet that Bugaboo owners are much more likely to buy Sophie the Giraffe than are Graco owners. And while I certainly can’t afford to be in the Bugaboo club by buying an actual Bugaboo, it’s nice to feel like I’ve got loads of money to splurge on silly baby things by sacrificing a mere $17.

I guess in a way I was right — you DO have to own a Sophie the Giraffe to understand why Sophie is so fabulous. Sophie isn’t just a teether; she is a lifestyle. And while I sometimes envy those who can drop a thoughtless g-note on a stroller, I actually hope that even if I had that money, I’d prefer to spend it more wisely. Now, $17 for a status symbol? That’s another story….

And now for some specifics about Sophie the Giraffe:

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