Melissa & Doug Child-Safe Scissor Set: The Real Deal

I’m sure I’ve mentioned somewhere on this site that we have an amateur paper-cutter on our hands. Hila (almost 3-years-old) wakes up in the morning and heads straight to her scissors, and more often than not, her scissors are the last thing she puts down before going to bed. (The little bits of paper all over the living room were part of the inspiration for my post on play yards — the spacious, playpen alternative for the modern family.)

The Best Scissors for Your Tot!

If you’re looking for a safe and reliable pair of scissors (or two pairs) for your child, then I highly recommend Melissa & Doug’s Child-Safe Scissor Set. The set comes with one pair of straight-edged scissors and one pair of zig zag-cut scissors. They will work for righties or lefties, and are metal-free (i.e. no sharp blade), which means they won’t cut clothing or hair or skin. They come in a convenient pouch for storage.

Note: Because these are all-plastic scissors, your child may have trouble cutting construction paper or any other type of thick paper. These are best used on regular printer paper, magazine paper, or newspapers. 

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