Phil & Ted’s Most Excellent Stroller Review

Phil & Ted’s Sport (Explorer)

Our Joovy Caboose died last week. I think I had mentioned that this stroller doesn’t take hills very well; apparently it doesn’t take little cracks or raised lines, not to mention curbs, very well either. And so, last Friday night, we were pushing the stroller down a hill and hit a tiny little bump and one of the wheels snapped off. Not a snap in a way where you can snap it back on, but like the plastic around the wheel cracked and the entire wheel section snapped off. It now rests in peace in a nearby dumpster.

Thanks to our generous dinner hosts, we borrowed a Phil & Ted’s Sport (Explorer) stroller (with doubles kit) for our walk home. As someone who has for a long time wanted to try out a P&T stroller, I was thrilled, and after our long, uphill walk home, I was sold (well, sort of).

This is a good stroller. Okay, so the sun shade is not as good as the Baby Jogger City Mini sun shade and the basket is hard to access (though it is really nice and roomy), but it is still the best double stroller I have ever pushed. The wheels are big, making it roll over uneven sidewalk smoothly (I can’t even count the number of times I’ve stopped short and nearly tripped over the Joovy Caboose after hitting the most minor of sidewalk cracks); the handlebar is adjustable, and while it doesn’t get so high, neither I (5’5″) nor my husband (6’3″) kicked the stroller; and, best of all, it converts from a single to a double stroller with a few different configurations.

I do have some concerns — mainly, is this a friendly stroller for car-less people? Will I be able to get in and out of a taxi trunk easily? I know you have to take off the second seat to fold it — that’s annoying. And there’s a carseat adapter, but will adding a carseat on top of the stroller make it harder to push?

More about the Phil & Ted’s stroller coming up next. I’m going to spend a few days getting better acquainted with it.

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