The Mother Tucker

During my last pregnancy I read that some celebrities used- and swore by- the belly bandit, a postpartum compression garment worn to help shrink your middle (belly and hips) back to their pre-pregnancy size.  I did some research, and decided that it was worth a try.  Because I nurse exclusively, I decided to buy the mother tucker, a compression tank top that would give my middle the support I wanted, while also providing easy nursing access.  Per the website’s instructions, I wore the mother tucker continuously.  I only took it off to shower and wash it.  I have to say: it did work.  My main concern was looking good at my son’s bris.  After wearing the mother tucker for a week straight, my middle did look thin.  (My face, arms, and butt probably did not, but what can you do?)  After another week, I stopped wearing it continuously, but wore it with certain clothing and for certain times that I wanted to look my best.  Even now, although I have lost all of my pregnancy weight, I still wear the mother tucker from time to time because it’s a great piece of shape wear.  I would definitely recommend the mother tucker for postpartum moms trying to look their best!

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