Top 10 Ways to Make Life Easier With a New Baby!

This post is dedicated to all my friends with new babies — Mazal Tov, and those who are expecting them — B’shaa Tova! Here’s my top ten ways to make your life easier with a new baby. Enjoy, and feel free to add your own! 1. Use disposables.No, it’s not environmentally friendly, but this has to be my number 1 tip for making life easier with a new baby. This tip applies for first time parents, and possibly even more so for those who’ve forgotten the first time round and are willing to do it again. No, you will not have time to wash up. You won’t even have time to load the dishwasher, and it’s unfair to leave than mountain of dirty dishes in the sink for Mr BTWDN (Mr Baby Things We Don’t Need) to do when he gets home from work. 2.  Get cleaning help.More environmentally friendly than tip number 1, but unfortunately also more expensive, a cleaner, or your mum if she lives nearby and is able and willing, will change your lives in those first few sleep deprived weeks from living in a hovel to living in a place suitable for all the new baby

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