Top 10 Gifts for a 0-6 Month Old

Your friend/sister/neighbor/co-worker just had a baby. Stop giving yourself a headache thinking about what to buy. These 10 items are sure-things — baby, as well as mom and dad, will love them! 1. Sophie the Giraffe – A classic, must-have, 100% rubber teething toy. She squeaks, she’s cute, and she always makes an excellent gift. (Plus, at a whopping $22, any parent would be crazy to buy this on their own at a time when they’ve got so many other new expenses.) 2. Fisher-Price Precious Planet Kick and Play Piano – This, as well as other “crib toys,” are excellent gifts for new babies. All parents want their babies to love their cribs, and what better way to help them along than to transform the crib into a fun (yet not overstimulating) space? This one safely secures to the crib and will continue to please your baby throughout her crib years. (I also highly recommend getting a crib mirror, like the Sassy Baby Sweet Dreams Crib Mirror. 3. Lamaze Playhouse Gym – Here is a baby gym that will grow with your child. It comes with 5 removable toys, folds up into a playhouse (that an older baby would enjoy

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