Long Sleeve Sleep Sacks

Babies are not supposed to sleep with blankets or toys in their cribs. For young babies, these objects can pose a suffocation threat (poo poo poo), and for older babies, they can give the baby a leg-up to help him/her climb out of the crib. Therefore, what do you do with baby on a cold winter’s night, or even in the summer, when a pair of regular pajamas isn’t enough to keep baby warm? We’ve mentioned the Grobag Baby Sleeping Bags here on this site, and that’s a great option if it’s really warm in the nursery or if your baby is wearing really warm pajamas underneath, among other layers. But it’s not really a replacement for a warm blanket. The following sleep sacks, or “wearable blankets,” are cozy, long-sleeved baby sleeping bags that, with a pair of pajamas underneath, will keep your baby warm (and sleeping better) without using a blanket. The sleeveless ones really just don’t make so much sense to me. 1. Just One Year (Joy) SleepBags – Midweight fabric. 2. Summer Infant Slumbersack – Lightweight microfleece. 3. Safe Dreams Wearable Blanket, by HALO – Fleece. (This one comes in an X-Large size (18-24 months), which is

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