High Chairs

So I’ve been thinking about highchairs, and how that in the baby stuff world, they’re the opposite of strollers. Whereas every baby gear loving parents needs at least one fancy, multi-function, bells and whistles stroller (and possibly even two, or more, but that’s for another blog) when it comes to highchairs, simple is best. In fact, those highchairs with all the bells and whistles tend to take up a lot of space and are a real pain to get clean. So what do I recommend when it comes to highchairs? Get a strap on booster chair like the Healthy Care Booster Seat from Fisher Price. They’re cheap, lightweight, easy to clean, portable and take up no storage space–exactly what you need in a highchair. And if you insist on something with legs there’s always the legendary Ikea Antilop highchair,with or without the tray for the grand total of $25. (And yes, you can get it in Israel, although it costs quite a bit more.) Your only question is what to do now with all that money you were going to spend on a Tripp Trapp or Bloom Highchair . Well that one’s easy. Buy yourself another stroller of course!

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