Step2 Easel for 2: The Real Deal

This truly is a deal. When searching for the *perfect* easel, I had two things in mind — cost (of course) and versatility. In other words, I wanted an easel that was had a lot to offer at a low price. Step2 Easel for Two The Step2 Easel for Two is a two-sided easel, with a chalkboard on one side, a white board/magnetic board on the other, clips for holding paper on the top of both sides, and a tray that extends from one side to the other (which means that there’s storage space in the middle, underneath the easel, too).It also comes with a package of foam alphabet and number letters for use on the white/magnetic board. And price-wise, I think $40 is reasonable. (Note: The pink easel is cheaper than the blue one.) Most importantly, Hila loves it.

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