Baby Things You Want: For Baby Number 2!

When I first started writing for this blog we had one little boy, and I was blogging about products such as high chairs and single strollers, the essentials for a first baby, as well as the various types of baby paraphernalia I coveted, but couldn’t quite bring myself to buy. You Want This Book! Fast forward to the present, and our little family has expanded to four of us, with the addition of our little girl back in the summer. She’s now six months old, and the sleep deprivation is easing up (thanks to the book, Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child, known in our house as Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Mummy) so it’s time for me to get back to blogging, and answer the question you are all asking: What baby products do I need for baby number 2? Graco Pack ‘n Play Well firstly, it’s important to remember that many, if not most of your initial baby gear purchases can be reused for number 2. So that’s the cot, highchair and baby sleeping bags sorted then. What I do recommend, if you’ve not got one already, is a pack and play. If your first one is still in a

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