Kids’ Best Friend

I highly highly highly recommend you get your kids a dog. I think every child should grow up with a dog. I only had one till I was about two years old. I don’t really remember her but I see in photographs and old home movies how happy I was to have her around. We got Coby about a year and a half before Eliana was born. He’s a mixed breed. Part German Shepherd, part kitten, we always say. We’re not sure he realizes he’s a dog. If I sit on the floor he tries to curl up in my lap. He has no idea he weighs almost as much as I do. He’d sleep all day in a patch of sunlight by the window if you’d let him. Before I had kids, I had a baby visiting at my house one day. The baby was napping on my bed, and when he started to cry, Coby charged at me and started barking (Coby NEVER barks) as if to say “The baby’s crying! Do something!” Coby is the gentlest creature. He lets the kids climb all over him and use him as a pillow or a couch. One rainy day

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